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Are you the CEO of your life or an undervalued employee?

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Using my unique Design Your Mind methodology and techniques we will up-level all aspects of your life and biz so you can accelerate your success.


Each course, intensive or 1:1 session will uncover and integrate your next level resulting in quantum leaps in your life and business.

To create the life you have always wanted

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Serial entrepreneur, multiple six-figure entrepreneur, NLP Master and dog mum! My life includes freedom, fulfilment and financial abundance. But it hasn’t always been this way …


I completely changed my life by upleveling my mindset. Only four years ago I was suicidal and at rock bottom. Debt, binge eating, unemployed, depressed … name a negative behaviour and I was probably doing it!


I always knew I was here for more and had some big dreams so I decided something had to change. I took radical, aligned action and up-levelled every aspect of my world.


Within 18 months my business was making multiple six figures and my life had changed in ways I didn’t think were possible.


My life mission is to show you and millions of women how to achieve their wildest dreams and live an intentional life of total alignment.

the CEO of your own life

Looking for a dose of inspo? The Design your Mind podcast will activate your inner CEO and reveal the best strategies for up-levelling your mindset, life and business

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