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Everything available here is designed with you in mind. Designed to help you become the badass CEO of your own life and call in all you desire.

That feels powerful, aligned and ready to step into that next level version.

If we haven’t met yet ... I’m Harriet!


I help women massively up level their mindset so they can create extraordinary. Though multiple courses and coaching packages I’ve seen women transform their mindset and step into that next level version of themselves.


And that could be you!


Though up levelling my mindset and becoming the CEO of my own life I accelerated my success. I got super clear on what I wanted from life and made it happen.


By working with me you will gain access to my unique methodology that took me from suicidal dropout to multiple 6 figure entrepreneur.

The Design Your Mind Methodology

This unique methodology is going to accelerate your success


By combining the practical and spiritual this is next level self development!


This helps my clients find clarity, breakthrough their limiting beliefs, embody a CEO mindset (in life and business) and experience a massive mindset up-level in order to create and live the life they are HERE FOR!

Are you ready to take your life and business to the next level?


Let’s map out your next level together!

you and your dreams are better than average .. it’s time to step into extraordinary